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Some time ago, we restarted our project. This is a classic free bulletin board designed for everything related to the practical use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Thanks to an interested audience, a well-developed targeted search system, wide feedback opportunities, colorful design, your advertising will not get lost, as it often happens in giant social networks. We have done a serious job to promote our service. According to some search queries, our site is in the top of Google search results. Every day we are visited by 250-300 users from more than 70 countries of the world, and their number is growing. Of course, this is not a very high indicator yet, but it ensures that your ad will not go unnoticed. You can also share your offer in dozens of social networks in a few clicks. You can also make your ad as attractive as possible by attaching colorful photos and videos. We are building our project together with you. Tell your friends about us and to subscribers, subscribe to our news, share with us your comments and suggestions about what could be added and improved. Bitconsum users are waiting for your ads! Welcome to the!

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