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About Project


BITCONSUM is a service that gives you the opportunity for free publish your ads on the sale of goods and services, vacancies and offers job seekers, business projects and social activities, freelancing, events and many, many other things. You can also comment on ads, contact their publishers through the form on the site, share links to social media and email ads. The main feature of the BITCONSUM project, which distinguishes it from other similar resources, is that that all prices here are indicated exclusively in the CRYPTOCURRENCY. The BITCONSUM team is firmly convinced that it is the cryptocurrency that will become the only means in the future exchange of values, a solid foundation of financial freedom and independence of every person on the planet. We consider our mission to popularize cryptocurrency, spread knowledge about cryptocurrency, expansion of the use of cryptocurrency in all areas of human activity. We hope that our project will carry only good and contribute to the strengthening of world peace. We will always welcome your wishes and suggestions for improving our service. We sincerely wish you success and pleasant using our service.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are the fantastic reality of today. And many people ask the question: what can I buy with bitcoin? In fact, many people and enterprises are ready to sell goods and services for Bitcoin, but it is very difficult for sellers and buyers to find each other. We hope that our project will help people solve this problem. Here everyone can publish their offers of goods, services, projects, social activities in the field of cryptocurrencies.