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HostMeNow - Super fast web hosting

July 31, 2021 United Kingdom, London 396


Hi, we're HostMeNow
We provide a super fast affordable web-hosting services - Together we help you put your dreams online and turn them into reality.
About Us:
We aim to provide an easy to use web hosting service with no hassle, and with low prices so that you save money!
We are a global web hosting company located in London, England that provides services for all over the world.

We aim to reach other countries than just the UK, small, medium and large. We also hope to expand our digital network and expertise to service our clients.

We accept Crypto Currency! via our payment gateway CoinPayments.
As well as standard payment methods such as Credit Card & PayPal.
HostMeNow Is proud to keep its security in check

We make sure to maintain and keep out software updated to avoid any security risks to our clients. However, if you have clients of your own on your websites, then they are your responsibility to keep safe. Be sure to keep all the software that you install using our service updated using the cPanel tools.

We also aim to keep our speeds fast giving you our clients a fantastic experience.

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