Want to know about the interesting facts of IOTA? How it will be a great impact in the future of generation and overcomes the missing things in blockchain technology?

Here the article completely describes the IOTA, its functions, pros and benefits of IOTA, and where IOTA is used now !!

Lets get into the blog and know the interesting things about IOTA !!

What is IOTA?

“A Restrictionless Distributed Leger For The Future Economy”

An IOTA – Opensource Distributed Leger Technology

IOTA is a new revolutionary transactional settlement layer for transferring data among Internet of Things (IOT). IOTA is designed to overcome the inefficiencies of recent blockchain technology. IOTA shows the new way of achieving consensus in peer to peer decentralized system.

How IOTA works and its functions?

IOTA’s is mainly designs to eliminate the presence of blocks and enables better scaling. In IOTA, there is no need for the presence of miners who are verifying network transactions like in bitcoin or most other blockchains.

Each transaction that occurs in IOTA, the transaction creator is should be available to approve two previous transactions on the network by doing some computational work. IOTA has ability for transactions without fees as the reward for helping to secure the network.

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