The Ulgen Project aims to construct a distributed generation grid using clean energy generators.

Supports clean energy technologies such as wind power, solar power, hydro power and hydrogen,
which meet regional characteristics, to produce energy.

The Ulgen Project works through the Ulgen network for transparent disclosure and trading of clean energy produced in distributed form.

The Ulgen network is an energy trading platform that supports the transparent disclosure of energy production information and the fair trade and distribution with consumers.

Clean energy producers participating in the Ulgen network are able to transparently disclose their energy production and receive public production volume is certified through the Ulgen network.
As an additional incentive to receive EAST Token in proportion to the amount of certification, it is possible to preserve the investment cost for energy production, and reinvest in expansion of clean energy production facilities.
Producers can trade energy with energy consumers participating in the Ulgen network.

Stable Ulgen network offers additional economic incentives for producers and suggests a reasonable cost of energy consumption for consumers to benefit economically.

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