Blockchain Development

Blockchain Programming
Development of blockchain-based apps with the in-depth understanding of the principles of decentralized databases, as well as cryptography.

Contract Development
Building the smart contract architecture featuring bonuses at pre-sale, discounts, buy-back, dividends, etc.

Coin and Token
Launching cryptocurrencies, issuing tokens; we will determine the appropriate model of tokenization and crypto payment integration into your business, and provide the full cycle of program blockchain-based development.

Personal Account Development for the ICO
Receiving funds in BTC, ETH, BCH, ZCash, DASH, Waves, XMR, and other cryptocurrencies. Information about ICO participants and obligations to them, and much more.

Cryptoexchanger Development
Secure cryptocurrency-fiat money exchange. A simple and intuitive interface. A variety of coins and tokens for exchange.

Anonymous and secure systems for cryptocurrency trading. A fail-safe operation for millions of simultaneous transactions.
Services for the ICO
ICO: #01
Market research and analysis
Project business model development;
Project financial model development;
Research and calculation of project tokens;
FOMO-approach implementation in the project;
Token legal nature determination;
White Paper development;
ICO: #02
Technical Implementation
Creating an ICO website;
Smart contract development and implementation;
Cryptowallet creation;
Financial logic programming;
Blockchain platform analysis and selection;
Ecosystem design and programming;
Token issue;
Security audit;
ICO: #03
Legal Support
Legal and tax risk analysis;
Token legal model determination;
Project contractual model development;
Analysis of criminal and legal risks of the project implementation;
Assessment of risks and restrictions related to data protection;
ICO jurisdiction selection;
ICO procedure support;
Escrow agent services;

ICO: #04
Marketing for the ICO
Choosing a marketing strategy;
PR campaign organization;
Social media marketing;
Establishment and control of bounty companies;
Communications with the crypto community;
Public chats;
Media buying and targeting;
Video creation;

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