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Northeast Asia Power Grid Project Power Trading Business Ulgen Hash Power Project This is a great opportunity. Create opportunities with many profit programs.
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Honey Tip UHP.
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Honey Tip. Korean.
A 100% stable mining marketing business, we have signed 10-year mining contracts with Bitfury, the world's largest mining companies, and UHP Global LLC and MDKI LLC.
Long-term mining business Bitfury UHP coin project !!
Introduction video
UHP Project Company Profile and Revenue Structure-Online Business Description-(45 min)
40 Seconds Bit Fury Block Box Introduction Video
3 minutes project introduction PPT video
ULGEN Power Trading System Introduction Video (4 minutes) ㅠ
MDKI.LLC- Electricity business background (3 minutes) ㅠ
BitFury Blockbox Introduction Video (40 sec)
MDKI.LLC- English version of the electricity business background (3 minutes)
MDKI.LLC- Chinese version of the electricity business background (3 minutes)
ULGEN Power Trading System English Version (4 minutes)
Erdenaes Mongolie Company.
Erdenes Mongolia is Mongolia's largest state-owned company and largest shareholder, accounting for 80% of GDP.

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